Becoming Who You Are

Donderdag 23 november 2023

“Becoming who you are”

What a beautiful title and actually too good to be true during a three-day Young Profesionals Program. But such a privilege to facilitate this program for these young, eager and great professionals and discuss different topics around this theme. In my opinion, it is a lifelong journey “Becoming who you are”, so you better enjoy it 😊 
In this program it is all about personal leadership, knowing yourself, telling yourself your empowering believes, having the courage to be vulnerable and being able to share about yourself; your thoughts and feelings. But also about being proactive, taking responsibility and believing in your dreams. 
Thank you Abbott ECN Program, for allowing me to do such a wonderful program with two groups of your Young Professionals. To be honest, I’m in my forties and every time I facilitate these sessions, it reminds and helps me becoming more and more who I am.